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This book is for women from the Almighty Most High Father perspective about “Da Cookie”.  The Father desires to share with women to go back to the “Garden of Eden” before sin entered the world and learn “What was Da Cookie designed for?”  Why did the Father make us sexual beings?  What will happen to “Da Cookie in the wrong hands and much more.  The Father speaks about the danger of giving “Da Cookie” away, so He is telling women to “Keep Yo Cookie in Da Cookie Jar”.  The Father speaks on being chaste and celibate. The Almighty Most High Father says, “Laughter is like medicine to da soul.  This laughter that The Father uses will heal us, from the Inside-Out.   Ladies remember IF you take your cookie out of Da Cookie Jar, then you risk the chance of having your cookie with One Bite taken out of it, Two Bites taken out of it, Three Bites taken out of it or even Four Bites taken out of it.  Things could get even worst by your cookie being broke in half, broke in quarters or even broken into crumbs.  Keep Yo Cookie in Da Cookie Jar or Put Yo Cookie back in Da Cookie Jar so that The Father can protect it for you.  He will HOLD the key to your Cookie Jar until you get married to your husband (man).  Hope is not lost, because The Father can even put the Broken Pieces of Yo Cookie back together again with it in His Hands.  He will make you Whole Again!

Keep Yo Cookie eBook

SKU: 978-1-64492-318-4
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