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 "Our Story"

Do you ever ponder on why you were created? Why you are here on
earth? What is your Purpose in life? What gives you Purpose? For us,
it's helping people of all ages find that purpose, by remembering who you
are. Without Purpose one will just wander in the desert. For us, it’s
Keep Yo Cookie in Da Cookie Jar so that you can be in your “Right
Mind” and learn your PURPOSE. It is written, “As a man thinks in his

heart and so is he.”


Evangelist Veeda learned that who we are is on the inside, so we should let
the mind of Christ reside in us. As it is written, “And be not conformed
to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye
may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect Will of the Most-
High God.” She is set out to help wake up people with the Word. She has
created a 12-Step Reconciliation & Restoration Program to bring you

back to the Garden of Eden.

Evangelist Veeda which means “Life” is the daughter of king Will
(Strong-Willed Warrior) and of the Tribe Levi. Her brother from
another mother “The Christ” stated, “I AM come that you may have life
and have it more abundantly.” Evangelist Veeda sought out to learn
groundbreaking news about her identity for years until, she used to find out her true heritage.

After years of research, Keep Yo Cookie in Da Cookie Jar, NFP was
created. Founded in the 8 th month in 2018 in Fairview Heights, IL we
emerged and blossomed and will continue to expand. Our growing list of
clients and members have helped us during these trying times as a Nation.

Living sexually pure is the logic behind our organization. We believe to
live sexually pure and allow the Most-High God to fill the void. We join
you wherever you are in your journey. We help you cross the finish line of
success of living sexually pure and
“Remember who you are!” In these evil

days, you deserve to be whole.  

From our nation to yours.


Evangelist Veeda (Life),

Founder & President

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