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Meet Da Little Cookie Girls
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Shalom Aleichem, Howgh, and Dia dhuit/Dia dhaoibh (Hello),

I AM Chocolate Chip aka C Chip and I’m da Leader of Da Cookie Tribe.  We Little Cookie Girls represent da 12 Tribes of Israel and show our diversity to da world.  We will demonstrate to da world dat we are all da same on da inside and all bleed da same color “red.” We will show others how discrimination against each other is ignorant.  We will teach others dat Da Father loves us no matter.  We are different colors, we are different shapes, we are different heights, we are different weights and we are even different sizes, but dat’s only on da outside.  On da inside we are all da same species, dat’s called Human Beings. 


It’s time dat we all just get alone and live in harmony with Agape Love.  “What’s love got to do with it?”  Da Father in Heaven says, “Everything and it was because of My Love that I went to the cross and PAID in FULL for the SINS of the Whole World.”                           


Chocolate Chip

aka C Chip

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